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while u.s. forces were visiting. a gun battle ensued killing two u.s. troops and three afghan policemen in the wardak province where the majority of u.s. troops are members of the special forces. north korea has nullified the 1953 armistice which ended fighting in the korean war according to the country's main newspaper. the communist government is upset by last week's united nations vote to impose more sanctions because of north korea's nuclear activities. this comes as south korea and united states troops hold annual military drills which north korea claims are preparations for an invasion. thousands in the south bay got a pay raise today. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning. people voted for this. >> reporter: people voted for this in november. what's happening today is minimum wage workers in san jose will now make $10 an hour. that's up from $8 an hour.
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this is the largest minimum wage pay increase in the nation. now, again, voters approved measure d in the fall. that's why the $2 increase is happening. this is of course happy news for the thousands of minimum wage workers in the city. but san jose's mayor is concerned that some businesses might not be able to handle the hike. he is worried people could lose their jobs. >> as the minimum wage goes up, small businesses in particular will make accommodations. some will absorb the cost, some will pass it on to their customers and some will have to decrease jobs and lay people off. >> a campaign is also kicking off today to encourage people to spend their extra money from those earnings in the city. the slogan is, earn and spend in san jose. it will be displayed in business windows. the minimum wage in california is $8 an hour. in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> so it's a little more than california's average but how does san jose's pay compare
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with the national minimum wage? >> reporter: michelle, the national is $7.25 an hour. but there is a bill in congress that would raise that to $10.10 an hour. so if that goes through, that would raise the minimum wage again here in san jose. >> all right. interesting. elissa harrington, thank you. 5:04. tonight another bay area city could join the list of those with plastic bag bans. redwood city council will vote on a ban that would apply to most retailers, restaurants and nonprofits to be exempt. plastic would still be okay for protecting produce, newspapers and dry-cleaning. an environmental report found redwood city residents use 42 million plastic bags a year. thomas frazier is set to begin work today as the oakland police department's new compliance director. a u.s. district court judge appointed him to oversee the opd's reform effort. he is the former police commissioner in baltimore, maryland and former didn'tty chief in san jose. his job is to get oakland
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police to comply with the set of reforms that they were supposed to have completed five years ago. a restaurant in berkeley will start taking reservations again days after it was damaged by an early-morning fire. chez panisse has canceled all reservations through march 23 but beginning today, it plans to start taking new reservations for after that date. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. another gun buy-back program this weekend netted nearly 350 weapons including a rocket launcher. $30,000 worth of cash and gift cards were given away at the buy-back. it was held in vallejo. as soon as a gun would be turned in, it was disabled so it couldn't be fired. i'm not sure what they got for the rocket launcher. that must have been a jackpot. >> maybe a little more. i don't know. let's check weather. >> only because we have to.
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>> you will want to. the better part of the week looking good as high pressure dominates the weather again. this ridge looking very strong outside. this morning, we are starting out with a couple of patches of fog at the coast, otherwise clear in the valleys. you see that clockwise rotation in the atmosphere of the clouds. that's going to be a hint of where that ridge of high pressure is. so settling in nicely along the west coast now. we are looking at great weather ahead. we have mostly clear skies inland. temperatures cold in the valleys. 38 in livermore. 37 in santa rosa. 45 in san jose. and 44 degrees in san francisco. by this afternoon, though, we're enjoying plenty of sunshine and these temperatures just beginning to warm up. widespread 70s in the valleys. 71 degrees in concord. 70 in san jose. about 58 a little sea breeze into san francisco but about 64 degrees in oakland. and warmer weather is on the way. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we have delays right now coming into fremont. so three of the left lanes are blocked on northbound 680 because of this overnight
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roadwork and it's not scheduled to wrap up until about 6:00 this morning. so again that's northbound 680 between mission boulevard south and mission boulevard north. in the meantime if you want to ride bart, so far we checked in with bart 38 trains on time. looking outside right now, a lot of the overnight roadwork is picked up including 880 by 66 all lanes open toward downtown oakland this morning. no metering lights and no delay on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. right now bridge crews are working to clear the stall on westbound 92 on the incline section of the san mateo bridge. so as you can see, it's still early so it's not causing a delay. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. less than a week after a deadly lion attack, a central valley animal sanctuary is back open. project survival's cat haven observed a moment of silence for diana hanson yesterday. the 24-year-old was killed last wednesday and park owners said
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they reopened with the consent of hanson's family. >> it's important for us to return back to normal operations at the cat haven. diana would want us to do that. >> reporter: she was cleaning the lion enclosure at the time of the attack. investigators believe he got out of his feeding cage and broke her neck. it won't be long before the college of cardinals casts the first votes for a new leader of the church. conclave begins in just a couple of hours and vinita nair is in vatican city to explain the process of picturing a new pope. reporter: cardinals filed into the vatican this morning. it's the last day of discussions after more than a week of talking about the church and what kind of qualities they want to see in the next pope. it's almost time to start voting. >> they have now got to talk not about the issues of the church but who. they have to come up with a name, a person. >> reporter: whoever is picked will be introduced to the world from this window at st. peter's basilica. today workers draped red velvet curtains on either side. tomorrow the voting process
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known as the conclave begins. some names of front-runners have emerged. >> a week ago we would have said wow we have a lot of work to do, but now you see a sense of resignation and trust and faith. >> reporter: the conclave seems to be shaping up like a balance between supporters of the vatican bureaucracy known as the curia and outsiders who want reform. the roman-based cardinals are reportedly backing odila scherer, the archbishop of sao paulo although known in the curia and on the commission which oversees the vatican bank. on the other side of the ledger is cardinal angelo scola, although he is italian, he is based in the law and is considered somewhat who would clean out many of the roman insiders. if either of those names should falter, experts say there is a real possibility an american could rise to the top. boston cardinal sean o'malley and new york cardinal timothy dolan are the leading u.s. papal contenders. vinita nair, cbs news, vatican city.
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and we have some live pictures here from vatican city. the conclave will start with a mass tomorrow morning. the cardinals will vote tomorrow afternoon. and just a note, "cbs this morning" broadcasting live from vatican city beginning today all week long. japan is marking the second anniversary of the largest earthquake ever recorded there. the magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami left nearly is the,000 people dead or missing. 300,000 are still homeless. half of those live near the nuclear power plant that melted down. hundreds filed suit for compensation for suffering and losses. the tsunami crossed the pacific
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and did heavy damage to ports in california including santa cruz. they are still recovering from that. work will continue all summer to rebuild a number of destroyed docks. some docks at the harbor still have to be demolished and then replaced. >> i remember that morning. we were on live that morning and that 6,000 miles later came in and just destroyed -- >> amazing, isn't it? >> it was. 5:11. new research on how stress affects your heart. >> plus, backlash grows for the tsa's new policy. how the changing rules trips up a senator. >> a homeowner gets an unwelcome guest. the removal of this prickly problem coming up next.
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here you go. an intruder busted into this arizona home but this one was more than 15 feet tall. it doesn't have any arms. this homeowner believes a storm blew over this saguaro cactus in front of her yard. it busted through an office window into the home sending glass flying. no one was hurt but it barely missed that little cat. neighborhood helped lot of it out of the window. we don't have problems out o --
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we don't have problems like that here. >> it's not easy to move a cactus. >> i feel sorry for that scared kitty. a stall at the san mateo bridge has been cleared so that's good news if you are about to head off on westbound 92. it took a while to clear. it had a broken front axle. all lanes are back open westbound and eastbound 92. elsewhere, to the south bay now. we have a live camera this morning at 101 near the mckee exit. and as you can see, headlights moving northbound. so far still at the limit. no major roadwork on either stretch in both directions, looking good at 5:15 this morning. elsewhere to our maps. we still have some areas of overnight roadwork including the eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north greenville road until 11:00 this morning. this is against the commute. westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass and livermore, we're just starting
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to see some brake lights so the drive time is still in the green up to 20 minutes and once you get towards the dublin interchange, things pick up a bit. this is causing some delays as well if you are heading into fremont northbound 680 three left lanes are closed until 6 a.m. between mission boulevard south and mission boulevard north. they have been doing some roadwork in this area for a while, as well. we saw this last week. so again, expect some slight delays. elsewhere the golden gate bridge is moving fine this morning. in one of our earlier traffic reports, we saw some lane change trucks driving by. we have some flashing bites. maybe they are going home. but for the most part. all lanes are open. and things look good for the drive from marin county to san francisco. coming up, we'll check mass transit. in the meantime, lawrence has some good weather news for us. >> yeah. great weather news. going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay area the next couple days. these temperatures very spring lied as we'll see high pressure with some temperatures near 80
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in the afternoon. the clouds buckling in a clockwise rotation around the ridge. that gives you an idea of that ridge building in. weak offshore wind but breaking down at the coastline. still seeing patchy fog at the beaches. as we head throughout the day, skies becoming mostly sunny and it will be warmer today and dry and warmer, feeling like spring, the next couple of days. watching these temperatures peak toward the middle of the week. outside now clear over the bay. temperatures right now 42 degrees in concord. 44 san francisco. 38 and chilly in livermore. 37 degrees with patchy fog into santa rosa. that ridge of high pressure going to dominate our weather. a very strong ridge going to strengthen the next few days. storm system off the coast rolling well to the north of the system so we'll stay dry through the middle of the week and toward the weekend, as well. temperatures around the state, mid-70s into the central valleys today. as high as 67 degrees in yosemite. 61 monterey bay, 75 ukiah. a little sea breeze and occasional patchy fog at the
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coastline and in the afternoon. tonight it will start to re- form tonight but staying along the coast. most of the bay and interior valleys should stay clear. with that in mind we have great weather coming our way this afternoon. plan on 70s into the south bay. 70 in san jose. 73 morgan hill. 70 sunnyvale. east bay temperatures up as high as 71 in livermore, 74 brentwood, about 73 degrees in the napa valley. inside the bay a little cooler but still very nice. 64 degrees in oakland and 58 degrees in san francisco. the next knew days how about these temperatures? getting near 80 degrees by wednesday in the warmest spots inland. a little cool at the coast enough of a sea breeze to keep patchy fog there but a taste of things to come. spring not too far around the corner now. much warmer weather on the way. >> feels like spring. there is debate about just what should be allowed on airplanes and now lawmakers are joining the fray. in particular, new york senator
5:17 am
charles schumer is critical of policy changes. under the new guidelines, knives with blades less than 2.36" long and a half inch wide will be allowed and must have a lee tractable blade that does not lock into place. >> you don't have to be albert einstein to know that these items are dangerous. but a knife like this can be used to hurt flight attendants, to hurt passengers. >> it turns out the knives the senator held up similar to those sold in office supply stores will not be allowed under the tsa's new policy. box cutters and razor blades are still banned and the new guidelines go into effect on april 25. starting tomorrow new yorkers can no longer order large sugary drinks at restaurants. the ban authored by the mayor michael bloomberg limits stores and restaurants from selling high calorie drinks larger than 16 ounces. some restaurants ordered st. pauler glasses and modified their menus. some chose to wait hoping a court challenge stops or delays this new restriction.
5:18 am
>> this is in the country's interest. this year for the first time the history of the world, more people will die from too much food than from too little food. >> the mayor went on to say it's not a ban but portion control. new evidence today on how stress can be bad for your heart. new research shows higher rates of cardiac problems in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other groups. the findings were discussed in san francisco over the weekend. doctors say prolong stress raises fight or flight hormones that affect blood pressure, blood sugar and other things that cause heart trouble. >> we all need a trip to club med. >> no kidding. >> maybe a month. coming up at 5:20, stanford women the sharks and earthquakes all have their games come down to the final seconds. we'll highlight them. >> plus tiger woods does something he hasn't done in five years. your sports highlights are coming up after the break.
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[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. following breaking news in east san jose. police say a person was shot in the area near south capital and murtha as police investigate a homicide. they have streets blocked off
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in the area. this is the city's ninth homicide. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> much warmer weather on the way. we'll have details coming up. tiger woods hitting his stride in the march to the masters. woods had full control on sunday and never let anyone get closer than three shots until he locked up his 17th world golf championship title and with the bogey that didn't matter on the final hole he closed at 1-under 71 to win the cadillac championship. this is the first time in five years that tiger woods has won two tournaments before the masters. >> the folks at cbs you can hear them clapping because the masters is here on channel 5 and they are all going, you go, tiger. >> yes. >> good for ratings. time for hockey, right? >> yeah. >> frustrations for the sharks,
5:23 am
apparently it continues. >> in colorado, third period a fraction of a second left in overtime avalanche's matt dushane scored the game winner. colorado 3, san jose 2, losers in overtime. better result in santa clara where the earthquakes hosted the new york red bulls. tied in the first half. chris waldowlski scored the penalty kick for san jose. the quakes win 2-1. a new star for stanford women makes it the play of the day. here's sophomore amber who drives, spins and lays it up and in against ucla. that's the winning bucket as the cardinal women win the pac- 12 tournament pac-12
5:24 am
tournament. cal bears lost to ucla. 5:25. queen elizabeth makes a historic move. the stand she is taking against discrimination today. >> a backdraft blast caught on camera. check it out. the building explosion that injured firefighters. we have the latest. >> reporter: i'm live in san francisco where a man was found crushed to death in a bart elevator. why police say he might have been living there.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. it appears he was sleeping at the top and may have been crushed. >> a body is found in a bart elevator shaft. >> it didn't affect service last night. it appears it is not affecting service this morning. >> insurance or not? san francisco says flooded homeowners will be made whole
5:28 am
again. >> we are going to step up to the plate and make sure we get the repairs done and get people back into their homes. >> they have to come up with a name, a person. >> conclave is one day closer as cardinals prepare to pick a new pontiff. >> the expectations are that it will happen by friday at the latest. >> afghanistan president hamid car side has accused the united states -- karzai has accused the united states of working with the taliban. >> new hope in the congressional budget battle. >> they are calling it the charm offensive, the president reaching out to both sides. >> it's time to start leading and the way do you that is quit poking your finger in people's eyes and start building relationship. >> and san jose workers get a bump in their paychecks. >> very, very happy about that. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's monday, march 11. i'm michelle griego. >> already a busy one. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. some breaking news at this hour from san jose this morning.
5:29 am
police are investigating the city's nine homicide of the year. just about an hour ago officers got a call about a person at murtha drive and south capitol avenue. a man had been shot to death there. no information at this time about a possible motive or suspects. we have a crew on the way there and will have more information as soon as we get it. new this morning, bart police trying to figure how an apparent homeless man got into an elevator sandy the man's body was pulled out of the shaft this morning after it was crushed by the elevator as it was going up. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at the montgomery bart station this morning. >> reporter: this is an ongoing investigation. bart police are still trying to figure out how that homeless man got into the space and how long he had been inside the shaft. authorities did remove that man's body early this morning. the incident though happened just after 9:30 last night. bart police, san francisco
5:30 am
police, and fire got a report a muni rider was stuck inside the montgomery bart elevator. the rider in the elevator says he had heard a crunching noise and someone shouting in pain as the elevator stop. when emergency crews got on scene, they found a homeless man dead in the shaft. one officer tells us this is the first incident he has heard of in decades. >> i have been a member of the bart police department for 28 years. and this is the first such case that i have been made aware of where someone has been killed inside of a bart station elevator shaft. >> reporter: police say the homeless man was wedged between the elevator and the wall of the shaft. officers say it appears that he was sleeping at the top and may have been crushed to death. now, authorities did also find personal belongings at the top of the elevator shaft including some bedding but they still don't know if that belongs to the deceased man. live in san francisco, back to you. >> cate, is this affecting bart
5:31 am
or muni service this morning? >> reporter: it didn't appear to affect bart or muni last night or this morning. >> thank you, cate caugiran live in san francisco. we have some developing news also in afghanistan. two american servicemembers died today in what they are calling an insider attack. a u.s. official says an afghan police officer opened fire inside a police station while u.s. forces were visiting. three afghan policemen were killed. also afghan officials say u.s. troops have shot and killed two afghan civilians as their truck was approaching an american convoy just outside of kabul. north korea's main newspaper says the country has nullified the 1953 armistice that ended fighting in the korean war. north korea is upset by last week's united nations's vote to impose sanctions.
5:32 am
this comes as south korea and u.s. hold military drills which north korea says are preparations for an invasion. san francisco city leaders condemn ads running on the side of muni buses in town. many call them anti-islam referring to arabs and muslims as savages. the ads are paid for boy the american freedom defense initiative. the sfmta has added disclaimer on the bus ads and the board of supervisors is expected to approve a resolution officially condemning the signs later today. a popular berkeley restaurant will resume taking reservations today just days after it was damaged by fire. shah panisse canceled all reservations through march 23rd but starting today it plans to start taking new reservations for after that date. the cause of friday's fire is still under investigation. thousands of people who earn the minimum wage in san jose just got a raise today. they are now making $10 an hour. $2 increase is because voters approved the pay hike in
5:33 am
november. the san jose mayor is concerned though that some businesses will not be able to handle the new hike. he is concerned about the people he says are likely to lose their jobs. >> as the minimum wage goes up small businesses in particular will make accommodations, some will absorb the cost, some will pass it on to customers and some will have to decrease jobs and lay people off. >> the campaign kicks off to encourage people to spend their extra earnings in san jose. called "earn n spend" in san jose. >> let's check the weather. it's so nice. we may have to call in sick this week. >> no kidding . do it on wednesday. >> a lot of folks enjoying that beautiful spring-like conditions outside. it's only going to improve the next couple of days. high pressure digging in along the west coast. it's going to send any chance of rain again well to the north of the bay area. so we keep it dry and looks
5:34 am
like these temperatures running above the average. some patchy fog in the valleys and santa rosa. 37 in santa rosa right now, 38 in livermore, 44 san francisco. this afternoon, highs running up into the 70s in the south bay nice sunny weather there east bay temperatures low to maybe mid-70s and inside the bay plenty of sunshine but a little cooler and a breeze 58 degrees in san francisco, 64 degrees, sunny and bright in oakland. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll take you outside. here's a live look at the bay bridge near treasure island. things moving fine on the upper deck no delay into san francisco. elsewhere to the other live traffic cameras westbound 580 busy now. mobile 1 drove through tracy through the altamont pass and we are seeing delays in the area into livermore and things pick up again westbound 580
5:35 am
through the dublin-pleasanton area. breaking news this morning, a homicide investigation a man found dead at this intersection in san jose, south capitol and murtha drive so avoid that area. streets are blocked. we are sending a crew to the scene. so we'll have a live update shortly. eastshore freeway, westbound 80 good through berkeley, no delay westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 18 minutes the drive time. check of northbound 680 roadwork in lanes until 6:00 this morning approaching mission boulevard north. that is "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. speeding in appear overcrowded car is being blamed for the deaths of 6 teenagers in northeastern ohio. investigators say eighteens were in a honda passport early yesterday when the vehicle left the road and flipped into a swamp. six of the teens were killed and two others managed to get out and run for help. authorities say one of the dead, 19-year-old alexis caisson, was the driver and
5:36 am
caisson's family members are devastated. >> just want everybody to know even if you're going through something, pick up the phone and caller family and tell them you love them because you never know what can happen. tomorrow is not promised to anybody. >> the victims range in age from 14 to 19. investigators say only some of the people were wearing seatbelts. today is the second anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that killed 19,000 people in japan. 300,000 people are still homeless. an estimated 1.5 million tons of debris washed out to sea. some of that debris continues to show up on beaches around the pacific coast. and there's still plenty of work to do at the santa cruz harbor that was heavily dammed by that tsunami that came from
5:37 am
japan. they expect to work through the summer to rebuild several destroyed docks. some have to be demolished and then replaced. starting tomorrow, the conclave of cardinals will begin the process of selecting a new leader for the catholic church. these are live pictures right now. the vatican spokesman is holding a news conference moment. yesterday, the cardinals celebrated mass at local parishes near the vatican. today the cardinals are in their last day of general meetings and their final chance to get to know each other before selecting a new pope. >> they now have to talk not about the issues of the church but who. they have to come up with a name, a person. >> some of the rumored front- runners include od ilo scherer of brazil and possible sean o'malley and timothy dolan. there could be a victory for gay rights in the british empire. queen elizabeth is expected to sign the commonwealth charter
5:38 am
that declares opposition to all forms of discrimination. sources suggest that gay rights are implied in that statement. the queen has taken the unusual step of asking to have tv cameras on hand when she signs the charter. oscar pistorius is appealing the rules of his bail. the former olympian wants to be able to leave south africa while his trial on murder continues. his lawyers say evidence show he is not a flight risk. he is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. she was shot to death inside their home on valentine's day. pistorius claims he shot her by accident thinking she was an intruder. 5:40 right now. a rare comet visible to the naked eye. a chance to see it this week. >> a the human chain that saved a teen from drowning in dangerous surf. that's coming up next.
5:39 am
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we're following breaking news now. >> we are. there is a -- police, rather, san jose police are investigating the city's ninth homicide of the year. and kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington just arrived at the scene and has the latest. take it away. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke with a lieutenant
5:42 am
and we're here on murtha and capitol avenue. behind me you can see the police activity and basically they say that a 30-year-old man was shot and killed here early this morning. a neighbor on her way to work saw the body lying on the side of the road. her husband saw it as well, called 911. originally, they thought it was maybe just somebody passed out but when police arrived, he found the man suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. they have no suspect information but after speaking with some neighbors, people did report hearing what sounded like an argument around 2 a.m. so they are searching for a motive and no names at this point have been released. live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. we are going to take a look at the roads right now with elizabeth. how's it looking? >> we'll go back out to the area with our breaking news we just saw. capitol avenue and murtha
5:43 am
drive. avoid the area. streets are blocked. police still on scene. capitol avenue is a smaller frontage road to capitol expressway. murtha is a residential street so traffic impact is not huge especially at this time. morning but something you will want to avoid. elsewhere to our drive times westbound 580 getting busy now through the altamont pass and livermore. otherwise, the nimitz and the eastshore freeway look good and bart has more than 40 trains on time. live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland past the coliseum. so far no delay. they did pick up that overnight roadwork and out towards the bay bridge no metering lights yet at 5:45 this morning just some slight delays in maybe one or two of the cash lanes. that is your "timesaver traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we are looking at great weather ahead. we'll see plenty of sunshine starting out with a couple of patches of fog at the coastline this morning but that should gave way to mostly sunny skies and temperatures going to be warming up nicely high pressure digging into the west coast so here we go. we are going to see some warm
5:44 am
temperatures over the next couple of days. mostly sunny this afternoon and even warmer than over the weekend. and dry and warm weather some temperatures maybe near 80 degrees. wouldn't be surprised to pop an 80 toward the middle of the week. outside now mostly clear out over the bay. we are seeing patchy fog at the coastline also a few patches of fog into the santa rosa area this morning. they are checking in at 37 degrees right now. 38 in livermore. 44 in san francisco. high pressure will dominate our weather the next few days. really been semi permanent since january now going to send any chance of rain to the north. temperatures this week even warmer as the ridge will build in with a weak offshore wind. sfo no delays expected this morning. mostly sunny toward the afternoon with temperatures into the 60s. i think across the country, not a bad travel day. 66 degrees in houston. 53 in denver, cold rain in chicago, 43. 53 and mostly cloudy in new york. around the bay today you will see that patchy fog flirting along the coastline. otherwise mostly clear skies
5:45 am
inside the bay and the valleys. then overnight tonight we'll see more fog coastside. otherwise staying clear inland. temperatures should be something else. planning on 70s into the south bay, 70 in san jose, 73 morgan hill. cooler at the coast mainly in the 50s but you will see 70s even mid-60s in some of the valleys today. inside the bay 64 in oakland. 68 degrees in kentfield. 58 in san francisco. and about 71 in santa rosa. next couple of days these temperatures continuing to heat up maybe getting near 80 degrees toward wednesday. then we'll slowly cool down a few more clouds and cooler temperatures are expected next weekend but the next few days something else. >> i know. looking beautiful. >> yup. >> all right. thank you notes to mr. karnow. there you go. >> i won't send you one. >> it's in the mail. [ laughter ] we have some breaking news. take a look at this delta jet departing the hobby airport in houston. as you can see, it's run off the tarmac and stuck in the grass. these are live pictures. no injuries are reported. the jet was headed to atlanta.
5:46 am
we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> take a look at that. a powerful explosion injured five firefighters in new jersey. the fire broke out yesterday morning in harrison and burned for several hours before it was brought under control. a battalion chief was badly hurt. >> when that glass blew out, it got on his face and body. he was bleeding profusely. >> the fire started in a restaurant on the building's ground floor and spread to a nearby apartment building. no civilian injuries have been reported. and a 12-year-old boy in new zealand is still alive thanks to this human chain. josh was playing at a beach when he was dragged under. seconds away from drowning, beach-goers raced to help him and they ended up dragging him
5:47 am
from the surf. josh is doing fine. he is thankful to the officers and everyone else who helped save his life. they all worked together. >> got that together quickly. >> no kidding. good for them. the rally can't go on forever. what goes up has to come down. future market suggests stocks will be lower when trading begins. ashley morrison of on her favorite day of the week, monday. >> reporter: oh, yes. don't we all love monday? good morning, frank and michelle. l.a.x. week's u.s. jobs report -- last week's u.s. jobs report drove up the market. tokyo's nikkei was up .25%, hong kong's hang seng unchanged. will the bulls keep running on wall street? investors will be paying close attention to several economic reports out this week. last week was one for the record books. the dow shot up nearly 68 points on friday to close at an all-time high while the nasdaq was up 12. google will reportedly pay $7 million to settle the wi spy
5:48 am
case. it will close a joint investigation of attorneys general in 30 states accusing them to use company cars to scoop up personal data over wi- fi networks that were not password protected. new york city bracing for a soda ban. starting tuesday restaurants in the big apple will no longer be able to sell sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. mayor bloomberg calls it portion control and says it will help stop obesity. the beverage industry has filed a lawsuit to get that ban overturned. but, you know, i guess you can just get a refill, right? >> you can do that. >> reporter: i'm just saying. >> no more big gulp. >> maybe it helps limit intake. let's talk weddings. i guess they could be a sign of an improving economy. >> reporter: yes. the wedding site says the average wedding cast
5:49 am
was about $28,000. get this, couples in manhattan spend the most, on average nearly $77,000. so expensive. but what a party. >> for $77,000? yeah. better be a good party. >> house, elope. >> reporter: i would crash that. >> i say just go to vegas. >> reporter: that's a good idea. >> yes. ashley morrison of thank you, ashley. a rare comet will be racing across the skies this week visibility around sunset but twilight could make it hard to see. look to the left of the setting sun and see a fuzzy star with a tail. tuesday and wednesday will be the eastness nights to spot it because it will be near the moon. so check it out. a former sitcom star's show of courage. valerie harper speaking out about her brain cancer diagnosis. >> half gator, half rubber, the
5:50 am
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nom, nom, nom. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ (woman) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪
5:52 am
television veteran valerie harper opens up about her incurable brain cancer. >> i don't know what is ahead. but i'm ready for it. onward. i love you. and know that i'm okay. i am okay on this venture. >> you're going to hear a message of courage and hope in her first television interview since being diagnosed with brain cancer. watch "cbs this morning." the show starts at 7 a.m. there's a warning about a certain kind of frog that some people keep as pets. it's the african dwarf frog. and it's been linked to salmonella cases in nearly 400 people over the last several years. the cdc says the to wash your
5:53 am
hands if you handle water from aquariums containing the frogs and don't let children clean aquariums. history in the making now inspired by the movie dolphin tale. mr. stubs is the first al gater to swim with a prosthetic tail and after having had bitten off by another gator in arizona, he compensated by learning to doggie paddle. his new prosthetic tail is a replica of the real thing. he is getting used to it. >> mr. stubs. >> mr. stubs. >> appropriately named. >> aptly named there. 5:55. next half hour, countdown to the conclave. >> cardinals make their last preparations before choosing the next pope tomorrow. the front-runners emerging. >> plus, padded paycheck. san jose workers are getting a big raise today. how the city wants them to pay it forward, though, coming up. >> reporter: and developing news out of san francisco. investigators are trying to figure out how a man got into a
5:54 am
bart elevator shaft after he was crushed to death. we'll have details on this shocking discovery.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
by hand & heart. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald we're following breaking news in san jose. a man was shot and killed marking the city's ninth homicide of the year. what neighbors tell police they saw and heard before it happened. >> counting down to conclave. cardinals in rome prepare to choose the next pope. the final maneuvers and top contenders. >> sure it was a nice weekend but the weather even going to get better these next few days. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have some gridlock already this morning over at the bay bridge toll plaza. bart so far all on time. much more on your morning commute coming up. good morning. it's monday, march 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego.
5:58 am
time now 6:00. some breaking news from the south bay this morning. a man has been found apparently shot to death this morning. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the scene in san jose with details. >> reporter: this marks the ninth homicide in san jose this year. you can see it's still a very active crime scene. the homicide investigation team is on the way and they will take over the investigation. police say a 30-year-old man was shot and killed early this morning near the intersection of murtha drive and capitol avenue. police got the call just before 4:30 from a neighbor who saw a man lying on the side of the road. >> we had a neighbor leave tore work. she saw a person down on the sidewalk. wasn't sure what it was. called her husband. half hour after that he went to work, saw the same thing. thought it wasn't somebody passed out and he called the police. >> reporter: police arrived and found the victim shot in the
5:59 am
chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. at this point, police are canvassing the area and are speaking with neighbors. at this point, they have made no arrests. live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> do they have a motive or any idea how this guy got killed? >> reporter: police don't have a motive but they have spoken with neighbors who say that they heard what sounded like an argument at around 2 a.m. remember, they found the body around 4:30 so they are trying to get more information. they say they have made contact with this victim in this same neighborhood before. they wouldn't elaborate what type of contact that was but they do believe he might live in the area. >> thank you, elissa harrington live for us in san jose. new this morning, san francisco and bart police want to know how an apparent homeless man got into an elevator shaft. the man's body was removed early this morning after it was crushed by the elevator as it
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